Adventuring with The Colls

We are the coolest husband and wife photo team in our whole house. Our moms gave us a plaque that said so, so it must be true.

We love photography. To us, that is how life should be captured. One raw moment, in good lighting of course. Traveling has been both of our passions for most of our lives. Ever since we have been together we have added fuel to that fire and have been non stop traveling ever since. We are happiest on the road, exploing and catpuring the moments.

When we aren't taking photos you can typically find us eating mexican food and possibly downing a few margaritas.

The best part about us is that we are best friends who fell in love and want to live life, to the fullest extent of the word, together. We got pretty damn lucky.

We started this blog after looking back on a few trips we had taken. We remembered every photo but lost some of the in between moments. For us, this felt like the best way to hold those memories for us. Bonus? We get to share it with you.